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The Halls of Reiki

-Mission Statement-

To provide information, education, assistance and ongoing support for those guided to be Reiki healers, and for those who are seeking alternatives; and to make Reiki available and affordable to everyone worldwide.








The Halls of Reiki were created in July 1999
Created and designed by
Ed Bacon, Reiki Master/Teacher
© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved.

Atlantis Healing System


rediscovered by a group of European clairvoyant
in 1993-1994 by studying the Akashic Records.
Atlantis Healing System is:
The way of learning to be again a pure, innocent child by the help
of the divine power, harmony and light.
The way of rediscovering the beauty and the truth in ourselves.
The way of getting better than we are.
The harmony’s way between inner and outer thought and word, God and man.
The way man can rediscover his own spirit, his own divine essence.
Returning to God, returning to faith.
The way we unite with the Universe.
Rediscovering the divine within us.
This is the first step of the energetic therapies used by the ancient Atlantean Masters.
This first system was known, learned and used by the entire population.
After an undetermined time period (according to each individual),
which during the Initiate was receiving the energy, he worked with it,
he knew what he could do with it, he opened a new perception horizon,
a higher step of understanding himself, the others and the Universe.
The second step came automatically. They were trained in the Atlantis Master System.

Reiki works on every level (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual)
having a general action.

AHS works on the affection level, on the generating cause of energetic un-harmony. The patient transforms Reiki by his chakras while AHS has a direct and spontaneous effect on the patient and the healing can come on the spot.
In Reiki there is no diagnosis, but there is in AHS.
Reiki does not work on the cause of the affection, AHS works directly on it.
In Reiki the patient is directing the flux of energy he is receiving, in AHS it is worked on a certain energetic level that is according, generally,
to the cause of the affection. AHS is not a more powerful energy than Reiki but it represents a different level of human knowledge, it works on other levels.

Here is why these two systems are not in competition:

They both have their own way of action, their own energy
so that they can compliment each other very well.
Reiki is considered to be passive while AHS is more active because it is interfering, searching, analyzing, concluding and stating a certain program
to follow in order to reach the cause level. This is why AHS is considered to be active. Passive and Active merges and so creates balance. Yin – Yang. Male – Female. This is the Universe: Balance.

There are two great powers in the Universe:
God and man (as he was creating in the beginning).
In all the Initiation Schools man is represented by an equilateral triangle, top up,(representing man’s desire towards the divine, the matter’s desire towards the spirit).
Divinity is represented by an equilateral triangle, top down,
(representing the spirit that manifests itself in and by the matter).
By merging the two equilateral triangles it results the hexagram,
the symbol of the Harmony between Divine and man.

This is why AHS is putting in harmony and balance the two powers
(God and Man), being an intermediary of the two.
This is why AHS acts at the divine level to establish the diagnosis
but at the human level, for treatment.
Practically AHS is a way of: ENERGETIC DIAGNOSIS – for human beings, animals, plants.
ENERGETIC TESTING – for water, food, medicine, plants, vitamins, homeopath remedies, Bach floral therapy, as well as establishing the daily dose, the administration period (how many times daily, how long-days, weeks or a certain period of time) and the administration methods (oral, parentheral).
ENERGETIC TREATMENT – using hands and/or symbols .

The AHS method diagnosis takes between 3- 5 minutes and the treatment
is takes between 7-15 minutes. For this special reason, nurses and doctors,
can use the technique in hospitals.

It’s not to replace the medical diagnosis, it helps to better understand the levels of disease (matters, energetically, psychical, souls, spiritual) and the real cause.



*The history of the system

*What is Atlantis Healing System

*Atlantis Healing System definition

*The Atlantis Healing System specificity

*The human and divine representation in Atlantis Healing System

*The 5 human energetically levels

*The 5 causal levels of the disease

*About divine level (what is it, how we can test it, what information we can find after we test this level)

*About human levels (what is it, how we can test, what information we can find after we test this level).

*Codes used in Atlantis Healing System

*Diagnosis principle in Atlantis Healing System

*The patient and therapist positions during the Atlantis testing

*Test made in Atlantis healing System first degree

*Establishing the unique cause

*Time for diagnosis and treatment

*Reading the results of the testing

*Two symbols and how to use them (one for connection with the Atlantis energy, to be used only by practitioner, and the second for diagnosis ad treatment of the patient)

*Diagnosis and treatment algorithm used in Atlantis Healing System first degree

*Using hands and symbols in treatment

*After this level you will be able to determine if a treatment works or not for a patient, or to discover karmic disease.


*4 symbols and their use (empower, awareness, cleanse and harmonizing the auras, harmonizing objects, plants, animals)

*Testing of the medicine, vitamins, oligoelements, homeopath remedies

*Testing and establishing the dosage, the rhythm and the period of administration of a substance

*Testing and treatments for animals

*Testing and treatments for plants

*Karmic treatment

*Treatment of the persons that present different entities on their spiritual body.

*Diagnosis and treatment algorithm in first and second degrees of Atlantis Healing System

*The Atlantis pyramid

*The color code and mental used in Atlantis Healing System

*Diagnosis in Mastership Atlantis Healing System

*The quartz crystal work technique

*The mental programming

*The crystal technique used for energetic or organic structural modifications

*Atlantis Master symbols and their use

*Personal technique of mental programming, sending the energy and realizing a goal from the future

*Diagnosis and treatment for a nearby person

*Distance diagnosis and treatment for one or more persons

*Five names that trigger huge energy

*Bodycheck and kineziology

*Exercises to do in Mastership Atlantis Healing System

*The Atlantis alphabet

*The significance of the symbols used in Mastership Atlantis Healing System

*Learning and performing the attunements (the singular method, the multiple method, the combined attunements, the unique attunement)

*Introduction to Atlantis Master System



Cost for the entire program is: $150 USD.



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