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Information For New Practitioners

What Is Reiki?

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Reiki is a natural healing method thousands of years old that heals on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki is Universal life force energy, that which sustains life and promotes healing in all living things. Reiki practitioners are channels for this powerful healing energy. Traditional Usui Reiki consists of three levels or degrees. A Reiki student is initiated by a Reiki master by way of attunements, which connects the new 
practitioner to the healing energy. This powerful healing method can be learned by anyone. Reiki is not a religion or religious cult. It has no dogma or specific doctrine of beliefs. A recipient of Reiki energy will receive benefits whether that person believes in the power of Reiki or not. Schedule a Reiki treatment for yourself today and experience this wonderful healing energy.

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The Halls of Reiki
-Mission Statement-
To provide information, education, assistance and ongoing support for those guided to be Reiki healers, and for those who are seeking alternatives; and to make Reiki available and affordable to everyone worldwide.


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*To date over 600 people
worldwide have received attunements
from The Halls of Reiki!

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The Halls of Reiki were created in July 1999
Created and designed by
Ed Bacon, Reiki Master/Teacher
Copyright 2000 All Rights Reserved.

If you are a new practitioner - welcome, and congratulations on finding Reiki! You are now a part of something very special. Here you will find information to assist you as you begin your journey as a Reiki practitioner.

As a new practitioner, you may have moments when you doubt your own ability to heal, or the ability of the Reiki energy to work for you. The key here is to "just do it!" The more you use Reiki the easier and stronger it will become. Give as many treatments as you can. Treat yourself, your family members, friends, pets, even plants and trees! Ask your Reiki guides to assist you, and have faith. Reiki will teach you all you need to learn!

Following your attunements, it is very important that you give yourself Reiki, on a daily basis, for at least the next 21 days. It takes about 3 days for Reiki to work through the major energy centers in your body, which are called "Chakras". There are 7 of these "major" chakras, three days for each one, which gives you the "21 day cleansing process." At each level of attunement, your vibratory rate is heightened, allowing you to "tap into" a higher channel of "Universal Energy." In order for that vibratory rate to be raised, there has to be a "cleansing" or "clearing" of old, negative habits and thoughts that inhibit the growth of your consciousness. This clearing process may be somewhat uncomfortable for you, as the Reiki is breaking up and working through the blocks that are preventing your progress. As this happens, and these blocks of negative energy are released by your physical, mental, emotional, and Sprititual bodies, you may experience some "side effects" such as, moodswings, irritability, symptoms of a cold or flu, diarrhea, and low tolerance for certain kinds of foods. Embrace this period and understand that it is all part of the process. Give yourself Reiki everyday to help things along. If you can only do short 10 minute sessions at a time, remember that some Reiki is better than no Reiki. I also recommend that you drink 6-8 glasses of water daily during this period, pure water if possible.

After the cleansing process, it is still very important that you give yourself Reiki treatments daily. It will strengthen your health and recharge your energy, and maintain your physical and mental health, reinforce your Spiritual growth, and help to expand your awareness. Remember, as a healer, you must make YOU number one! You must love and heal yourself first, because you are only capable of giving to others what you would give yourself!

Remember that there is no wrong or right with Reiki. You may meet another practitioner who was taught a little differently than you.....that's okay! Over the years different styles of Reiki have surfaced.

Intent is the key! Hold Reiki sacred and heal with love in your heart!

You were taught a series of hand placements for giving a Reiki treatment; always try to execute all the basic hand positions. However, if you feel that the recipient needs Reiki in another area that is not one of the basic hand placements, by all means follow your instincts!

Hold each position for 3-5 minutes. When you feel that it is time to move on to the next position, follow your instincts.

Wash your hands before and after every treatment. Washing your hands after a treatment ensures that you disconnect yourself from your client's energy.

Do not let your clients cross their legs during a treatment, as this may block the energy flow.

Take off your watch and rings before giving a treatment.

Keep your fingers closed when giving Reiki.

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"I am so thankful I found you!  The time and attention you give to your students is great, and I've been able to start giving Reiki treatments with absolute confidence. Thank you!"  - Lauri G.


"I just wanted to let you know the attunements were simply amazing.
A  lot of heat! I will be ordering a few other course very soon." - Tom L.


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"Try Reiki. This alternative medicine treatment can manipulate your energy and cure what ails you."

 - Dr. Mehmet Oz

*His wife Lisa is a Reiki Master and has been using it in the Oz family for years.


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Dr. Ed Bacon, Msc.D., CH, RMT - Stafford, Virginia -