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The Halls of Reiki

-Mission Statement-

To provide information, education, assistance and ongoing support for those guided to be Reiki healers, and for those who are seeking alternatives; and to make Reiki available and affordable to everyone worldwide.




The Halls of Reiki were created in July 1999
Created and designed by
Ed Bacon, Reiki Master/Teacher
© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved.

Usui Reiki Master Re-Attunement & Certification

Re-attunement to Usui Reiki Master Level. You must already be a Usui Master, and must provide proof either by mailing me a copy of your certificate, or sending via email attachment. Some practitioners like additional attunements because of the additional lineage, they can further clear you energetically, and reinforce your current attunements. A manual is NOT provided with re-attunements, you are just given the attunement. A certificate IS provided.

You will receive a Usui Reiki Master attunement, certificate and lineage.




The cost for the re-attunement is $56 USD.


**Please note: You must already be a Usui Reiki Master in order to receive this re-attunement.





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